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Good morning Annette,

I would first of all like to thank you from all of us at Oak for what was an outstanding tour of Castle Cornet. There were talks about it all night and so far all morning. We look forward to our next adventure with you.

Many thanks again

With kind regards,

Olliver Le Tissier | Trainee Risk Administrator

Oak Trust (Guernsey) Limited



Hi Annette,

My parents and In-Laws had a fantastic night with you last night. They all thoroughly enjoyed their evening and also said the meal was great.

Thanks again. They are hoping to join you on another one…hopefully my husband and I will get to join you on one too. Do you have an up to date timetable of tours this year??

Best Wishes




Dear Annette

On behalf of the Royal Commonwealth Society I would like to thank you for such an informative and entertaining presentation last night.  All the members thoroughly enjoyed your talk and were greatly impressed by your detailed knowledge of local history.  The artefacts you used brilliantly illustrated the stories you were telling us and added hugely to the enjoyment of the event.

Once again, thank you.

Kind regards

Trevor Wakefield

President, RCS Guernsey


Good morning Annette

Thank you very much for the opportunity to attend one of your tours last evening.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself and was drawn into the many stories you regalled.  It was very interesting to hear the historical facts behind the places of interest, especially when brought to life by you when you incorporated various members of the group.

I particularly enjoyed the great opportunity to walk up and around Victoria tower which I am ashamed to say I have never done previously.  The entire group were engaged throughout the tour and were equally taken with the amusing way that you delivered the historical anecdotes.

I almost forgot the purpose of my attendance which was to shadow an experienced Gold accredited tour guide in my newly qualified Bronze status, in order to develop my own skills for tour guiding.  I am stunned this morning to think quite how much was imparted by you last night to the group.  very inspirational!

Thank you again

Jackie Ward (207)



Dear Ms Henry,

Five years ago towards the end of June I had the privilege of being on one of your interactive night tours around the castle .It was so memorable I couldn’t stop talking about it for months  and I promised myself that one day I would return  with a friend to share the experience once more.

Before I book the flights I wondered if you know in advance when you would be doing a similar tour as I am only really returning to Guernsey especially to surprise  my partner as he is obsessed with history ( in particular the German Occupation) !! and I know he would be overwhelmed by your incredible knowledge

I particularly enjoyed the evening tour as there was a meal afterwards and it was an added joy to watch the sun set .

Thank you in advance for your help,

I look forward to hearing from you,

Kind regards,

Vivienne Woodcock

20th January 2012


 Fantastic Walking Tour!!! 

We went on a walking tour with Annette out of St. Peter’s Port in June. It was fantastic! I am not affiliated with Annette in any way. I just wanted you to know our 3 hours with her were filled to the brim with stories as we walked along the port and finally to the castle. We talked about medieval punishments, plague, Guernsey’s political and trade history, the German occupation in WWII including the children of Guernsey being sent away for 5 years, pirates, castle defenses, Queen Victoria’s visit and on and on. I believe you can find Annette’s walking tour through the Guernsey Tourism website. She is lively, fun, and a proud Guernsey resident. I highly recommend her tour!

Simi Valley, CA

11th November 2009


Hello Annette 

Just to say thank you once again for a brilliant evening, I have had lots of lovely comments about your tour, despite the weather!

We look forward to joining you again on another venture.

Kind regards

Many thanks


23rd October 2009


Thanks so much for last night everyone is raving about it.  We think it is the best tour we have been on yet.  Many of us, including me, wish we had brought our binoculars so we could have used them when we’d climbed Victoria Tower.  The cemetery is a wonderful place and is one of the most interesting places to visit in the daytime – could give you a good basis for another tour involving the ‘famous families’
With kind regards

28th October 2009


Hi Annette, Thank you so much for doing the tour for the chess players. They all really loved it. There is very little to offer a visiting group to do here on an October evening aside from eating and drinking. It is so important for Guernsey that you do these tours, we’re all indebted to you. Hopefully you’ll be able to fit us in for something next year between Monday 18 and Friday 22 October 2010. Thanks again!
28th October 2009

Dear Annette many thanks for the wonderful and informative tour on Monday evening. I really enjoyed the whole event, so much so that I went back earlier today and looked at the gardens and visited Priaulx Library. What a fantastic resource the library is I could have stayed all day! I will be back for more when I next visit Guernsey.

23rd October 2009

Thanks so much for last night everyone is raving about it. We think it is the best tour we have been on yet. Many of us, including me, wish we had brought our binoculars so we could have used them when we’d climbed Victoria Tower. The cemetery is a wonderful place and is one of the most interesting places to visit in the daytime – could give you a good basis for another tour involving the ‘famous families’.
Once again thanks for a great evening.
With kind regards

17th October 2009

I know for certain that we remember you more than you can remember us. We see “some” tour guides and you see bunches of travellers. My husband and I were privileged to be in your tour group on Aug. 13th from the Crown Princess. We travelled on that ship for 54 days and saw many ports. We both agree that you were the BEST tour guide we encountered. I did put that in writing on a comment card. I hope it gets into whatever information they have about guides. You were kind enough to email me and give us suggestions for our repeat visit to Guernsey 12 days later. We thoroughly enjoyed walking about on our own that day and seeing the sites you suggested. We have some great photos from the top of the Victoria Tower. Somehow we missed seeing you back at the port after your morning tour. I wanted you to know that I have not forgotten about the book you recommended – The Guernsey Literary Potato Peel Society. I just went on line to our local library and they do have it. I will stop in there in the next couple of days and pick up a copy. Thank you for providing us with such fun memories of our recent vacation. This was the longest we have ever travelled and it really took quite some time to return to our usual routines and activities. I think a part of both of us is still somewhere over their across the seas. I will let you know my thoughts on the book.

9th October 2009  

Good Morning Annette
Thanks for a most excellent enjoyable evening it was brilliant, the kids loved it too, I will be booking again with you very soon 🙂
Thanks again

9th October 2009

Absolutely Fantastic, my parents thought you were outstanding, they had an extremely enjoyable and educational night and to please my dad you have done exceptionally well, thanks I’ve not had any luck finding out about Quicksilver but will continue on my quest Thanks again we all had a fab night Take Care

24th September 2009

Hi Annette I just wanted to e-mail on behalf of Vets4Pets. We had a great evening, the tour was fantastic, we felt really privileged to be able to walk around Candie Gardens, Victoria Tower and Candie Cemetery on a private tour, we all learnt something new and had fun on the tour and the meal was lovely.
Thank you again Lucy  

4th September 2009

Hi Annette! We toured with you in June. I’m just now getting my pictures sorted and journal typed up! We had a fantastic day with you and I wanted to thank you. I’ve posted a review on the Tripadvisor.com Guernsey forum. Many many thanks. I am enthralled with Guernsey and it’s because of your tour. It was rich and entertaining and fun. Simply fantastic.
Best regards to you and yours! Erin

4th September 2009

Follow this link for a trip advisor report from Erin (see above)

Click here for the Trip Advisor review

8th August 2009What a great tour!  Your tour was the first one on our cruise and by far-no contest-the very best.  Everyone in our party, my husband, daughter, son-in-law, grandson and granddaughter all said that your talk and tour of the town and castle…and of course, the dungeon were the highlight of our shore excursions.  You chose our grandson, David, to be a plague victim-he got to vomit.  He was delighted-he’s 8. 
I told our cruise consultant your name and e-mail address so she can recommend you to anyone going to your beautiful little town.
Thank you for sharing your town’s history and your love of the town with us.


16th July 2009

I just wanted to thank you for the great tour you gave on June 26th to the group from the Crown Princess. I am the travel agent that got a lot of your cards. I will definitely be handing them out to other agents and my clients. It is also great that the ship videographer was on this tour and took some great footage of you and the tour. My parents really loved watching this! I will keep your email in my favourites for future trips. Thanks again,

20th March 2009

Hi Annette,  We had a great night Tuesday.  Thank you for your knowledge, never knew so much has happened over the years. Was wondering if you still have any tours unbooked for this year yet? I am thinking of brining my mum. Hope to hear back from you soon. Thanks again for a wonderful evening.   Lisa

19th March 2009

Hello Just a quick note to say thank you for the tortuous tour last Thursday 12.03.09. It was really good – totally loved and now I want to go on all your tours!

Thanks again Kind regards Ali

20th November 2008

Hi Annette
I have mentioned what a fantastic time i had on your tour yesterday and my work colleagues have expressed an interest in a possible tour,could you please let me know your next available Ship to Shore ,Legends by Lamplight or the new Herm-Exposed & Uncovered tour for around 30 people.
Also I went out and brought that book this morning and have started it already.
Many Thanks Jess  

16 October 2008

Hi Annette Just to say thank you for such an entertaining tour last night – it was great!!  Marc will forever be known as a Horny Devil around the office now, much to the bemusement of our colleagues who didn’t come on the tour……………
Thanks again

15 October 2008

Hi Annette,
A big thank you for our tour last night. We all thoroughly enjoyed it. (My husband especially enjoyed playing with the guns!)
……..and once again, thank you for a fantastic evening last night.
Many thanks,

29 September 2008

Hi Annette

I write this email on behalf of everyone from Partners Group who took part in your Tortuous Tour of St Peter Port last Thursday. We thoroughly enjoyed getting to know St Peter Port from a completely different angle and the way you brought the history of St Peter Port across to us. It was truly amazing and even the (admittedly the very few) locals between us didn’t know many of the stories you brought back to life.

We certainly had plenty to tell and talk about the next day and our “well hung John” (Aaron) is still having nightmares about his terrible “deeds” and his ever so painful final 15 minutes.  😉 The rest of us are just nursing our sore napes from staring upwards when walking through High Street.

Thank you so much for making History fun (and giving a couple of our “boys” the opportunity to legally play with harmful weapons)! The tour has certainly left a lasting impression.

With kind regards and hoping to participate on further tours in future.

Imke and everyone at PG – Guernsey


27 August 2008

Dear Annette

I felt I had to put my thanks down in writing for the Walking Tour you did yesterday morning for the group from the QE2.

I was your “victim” for the “grinning from ear to ear” demonstration by the Town church. Margaret and I actually missed the Excursion we had pre-booked and your tour was the next one departing and we elected to join you – what a happy miss. Yours was one of the most interesting, informative and, more importantly, enjoyable and fun tours/excursions that we have been on.

Thanks again,

Kind regards

Ray & Margaret (Southampton)

22 July 2008

Hi Annette

I was fortunate enough to be amongst the group of people (from Maria’s North Social Club) who was on the tour last night.It was a fabulous tour, thank you so much.

Will see you in October when we venture on the Graveyard tour!

 With thanks and kindest regards


21 July 2008

Hi Annette
Just come home from your ship to shore tour, FANTASTIC!!!!
Can you let me have the link to the great escape ref the Fermain kidnap of the three Jurats as mentioned on the tour.
Loved the trip also went on your Castle Cornet tour a few weeks ago loved that.
Just so you know who’s e-mailing you I was the one who asked about the Martello towers and why we don’t call them loop towers.
I look forward to your reply, and the next tour we go on.

07 July 2008:

Hi Annette,
After telling some of my work colleagues how brilliant your tours are they have persuaded me to try to organise a group of us to attend one of your Tortuous Tours of Town.
Many Thanks,

03 July 2008:

Hi Annette,  

Just a quick note to say Thank you very much for the tour last night, a good night was had by all despite the rain and broken microphone! I must say I am impressed by the way in which you maintain your enthusiasm for each tour after three years………Keep up the good work!!

Thanks again,


25 June 2008:

I was on your walk Tuesday night with the Credit Suisse Bank and would like to say I really enjoyed the tour. It was actually the first time I have been inside Castle Cornet.



06 June 2008:

Just a quick note to say thank you again for last night. Everyone really enjoyed it and have been asking me when the next one will be so i’m sure i’ll be in touch again soon!
Thanks, Jen

04 Sep 2007:

Hi Annette
Just a belated thank you for the excellent tour around Castle Cornet. It was informative, captivating and enjoyable !
During the car journey beforehand, our 2 children burst into a chorus of moans anticipating how boring it would be. You won them ( and their parents) over.
Well done and thank you. 
Kind regards
Mike Smith  

22 Aug 2007:

Hi Annette 

Firstly I would just like to say a huge thank you for last nights tour at Castle Cornet it was really interesting and kept us all amazed at the history of the Castle.  Johno and I enjoyed ourselves so much in fact that we would love to arrange for us and two of our friends to join on the Ghost Graveyard Tour if you have availability on either the 26th or 27th September 2007 . Our friends are coming over from England and we know they would love it – what a great way to start their holiday with us!!!!! 

Many thanks again for a wonderful evening!

 Angelique Harkness

26 Apr 2007:


I have organized many tours on behalf of The Royal Bank of Canada Sports & Social and they have always been Fantastic. When i walk round the offices on the day after a tour all you can hear is people retelling tales of the old. Annette is a fantastic tour guide, her personality & character are exceptional.   Due to the large volume of staff still waiting to attend tours i will be booking more in the future

Sarah Aller


Hi Annette

Just to give you some feedback from last night.

Everyone thought you were absolutely brilliant and thoroughly enjoyed the evening.

Thanks very much Annette and will hopefully see you in the Autumn.

Kind regards Kim


I had such a fantastic, fun time on your tour last night. You make history come alive.
Are you doing any tours over Easter?


Dear Annette 

What can I say other than thank you so much for a highly entertaining evening. I was greeted by a number “thank you” messages this morning and everyone has asked when we are doing the next one (see what you’ve started!!!). 

The general consensus is to do the herm trip some time in June/July if you have any free dates? 

Once again thank you for a fun evening. 

Kind regards 

Mark Alderton


Hi Annette,

Thank you for your ‘Tortuous Tour of Town’ last night – we had such a wonderful evening!


Esther Dodd


Hi Annette 

I just want to say thank you so much for your wonderful tour.  My mum and dad loved it as did “well hung John”!!   It was nice for us to have a family night out and we all enjoyed your story telling.

 Also, the Lloyds TSB girlies loved it too! 

Look forward to being able to come on your graveyard tour!




Dear Annette

Thanks again for last night’s superb Ghosts & Graveyards Tour.  We enjoyed it immensely, the highlight being the visit to the Mirus Battery. 

Please would you put us down for a Ship to Shore tour next summer? 


Inez & Keith Rowcliffe


Hi Annette,

 Just a quick thank you for last Friday night, everyone enjoyed the tour very much.

 Kind regards,

 Diane Bran

Cherry Godfrey Finance Limited


Hi Annette,
Thanks for the tour last night, we all thoroughly enjoyed it. All four of us are definately interested in the Tortuous Tour of Town (to complete the set!) so if you have availabilty, preferably over the next couple of months, please let me know.
kind regards, Tammy Semple


Hi Annette
A quick thank you for an extremely interesting & really fun tour of Castle Cornet this evening.
Thanks again, looking forward to the new tours.
Colin & Fiona de Jersey

I just want to reiterate how impressed I was with the Tour of Castle Cornet. You really make history come alive. You have researched thoroughly and are knowledgeable, deliver the information in such an interesting way, are lively with a sparkling sense of humour and you nurture curiosity – I now want to find out more. As I told you, you are a natural teacher and I know that you would communicate well with young people.
Thank you for the experience. The whole evening was great entertainment, enhanced by a good meal as well as the company! I look forward to joining you on more of your tours and wish you well with developing these. We might even visit the “deepest, darkest dungeon”!
Well done and keep up the good work.
Hazel Tetlaw

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