Herm Exposed and Uncovered

Herm Exposed & Uncovered explores the very heart of this beautiful island, which, although familiar to so many, will be rediscovered by a chosen few.

Wandering through open meadows, strolling down narrow pathways, climbing over dry stone walls and walking through the woods, inaccessible to the general public, your guide will offer an insight into the fascinating history of the area.

During the 90 minute walk, you will become acquainted with the mining industry of the 19th century, hear more about the neighbouring island of Jethou, and understand a little more about life under German Occupation.  Tales of tragedies, buried treasure, and ghostly sightings, will once again, make you understand what life was like on this tiny island for those struggling to survive.

After an excellent meal in one of the local restaurants, your guide will escort you to back to the boat for you return journey to Guernsey.

These tours are subject to availability.  Please contact to discuss your requirements

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