History and Mysteries of Herm Island

Transport yourself back in time to an island steeped in history, and let your guide, narrate stories of the island’s legends, murders and ghostly sightings.

Grisly tales come to life, as Herms’ history and mysteries unfold before you!  Explore the dusty tracks where granite had been hewn from the many quarries, and then hauled on its way to the shallow draught barges in the 19th century.  Hear more about the people who lived and worked on this tiny island, finding fame, seeking fortune, and in some cases, suffering financial ruin.

As you step ashore on Herm, and take in the natural beauty and peacefulness of the island, it will be possible to experience a taste of what life must have been like for those who made it their home throughout the centuries.

From Neolithic Nomads, who arrived on the island, looking for food and shelter, to the Monks & Missionaries, who came from overseas, and then suffered terrible massacres for their religious beliefs.  Seafaring smugglers seeking an eye to the main chance, and Prussian Princes who introduced a variety of unusual wild life to the small community!  Finally, the Lords & Ladies who took up residence, and liked nothing better than to entertain guests and throw lavish parties!

There are mysterious stories of shipwrecks, pirates, and those who lost their lives on these very shores.

Throughout the walk, you will understand more about how all the inhabitants helped to shape and structure the island into what it is today, and how they have all, at some time, left their footprints in the sand!

The walk lasts approximately 2 hrs.

These tours are subject to availability. Please contact to discuss your requirements

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