Ship to Shore

Take yourself back to a bygone era, when St Peter Port harbour was alive with the sights and sounds of trade.

Passengers, porters, privateers and publicans, jostled and shouted as they made their way from the busy port, up into the steep venelles which linked the quay with the town.

Boasting the best anchorage in the Channel, and sheltered from the prevailing winds, the port offered a safe haven for many a ship, seeking refuge from a violent storm.

As you begin the leisurely cruise out of the pier heads, and past the majestic Castle Cornet, take yourself back to a time when the tall masted ships would have taken pride of place in these very waters.

The boat will turn south, hugging the coves where smugglers hauled their booty aboard their small fishing craft bound for the English coast.  Past Fort George, built in the 18th century to help defend the island against enemy attack. Then on to Fermain Bay, the scene of a dramatic kidnap during the Civil War of 1643.

You will be able to stop for a while, and enjoy a drink on board, whilst taking in the magnificent scenery, and hear more swashbuckling stories of shipwrecks and sunken treasure, before heading off on a course for the south of Herm.

Hear the tragic tale of Barbara’s Leap, whilst negotiating the imposing rocky outcrops of Caquerobert, Saddle Rock, and Putrainez, at close quarters from the boat. You may even see a puffin or two, before disembarking on Herm Island for supper, in the Mermaid Tavern.

These tours are subject to availability. Please contact to discuss your requirements.

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