The Chronicles of Castle Cornet

The year is 1204, and Guernsey has separated from Normandy, and gained its independence. The French are desperate to take Guernsey back, and the only way will be by brute force.

Enter the Castle built in the 13th century to defend the surrounding waters, and begin to understand what life was like for those living in this imposing fortress. The deprivation, the dank stench from the dungeons, the constant danger of invasion and the many deaths within its walls.

You will be taken back in time by the accredited guide, dressed in costume, and begin to re-live the medieval myths, murders and manifestations which took place in this captivating fortress.

From mangonel to musket, crossbow to cannonfire, let your guide unlock the secrets held within the Castle, by portraying the past through a series of narrative and pictures.

As the sun sets and the castle is shrouded in ever lengthening shadows, the rest of the evening will be spent enjoying a meal in a restaurant of your choice overlooking the magnificent harbour .

This tour runs from late April to mid August subject to availability. Please contact to discuss your requirements.

The tour STARTS at 18:30 outside main Castle entrance.

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