The Three Tors Tour

In this final trilogy of Herm tours, you can allow yourself to journey back to a time when the tiny island was inhabited by nomadic Neolithic tribes, who had made a perilous journey from Europe in dug out canoes.

The majestic hills of Monku, Petit Monceau & Grand Monceau, acting as guardians of their tombs, are a perfect backdrop for another fascinating insight into the folklore of this unique and beautiful sanctuary.

Winding your way through private paths, dense undergrowth and scented pines, the dramatic scenery unfolds at every turn.  The grass topped Hermetier, cut off at high tide, and the imposing rocky outcrop of Cacquerobert, bear witness to the lucrative quarrying industry when fortunes were both made and lost.

Stories of catastrophes and curses, misadventures and mishaps, are wrapped around ill-fated shipwrecks and ghostly sightings, which all add up to another exciting evening of intrigue and suspense.

The evening tour will be rounded off with an excellent meal in one of the local restaurants, before boarding the boat for the return journey back to Guernsey.

These tours are subject to availability. Please contact to discuss your requirements.

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