Time Travellers Tales

The port was the hub of the community.  The majority of the population made their money from the sea that surrounded their island.  However, there were other entrepreneurs who made their fortunes from sheer hard work and a lot of good luck!

This newest Town Tour will take you time travelling through Guernsey’s rich history, learning more about the people, places and personalities who graced our shores.

While the rich became richer, the poor became poorer. Meandering through the back streets, passing tall warehouses and cool cellars, you will also be invited to peer into the solitary cells of the Workhouse, once home to the tramps, beggars, prostitutes and drunkards

Under the cover of darkness, your guide will have you creeping through gardens, lurking in cemeteries, or climbing tall towers in your quest to learn more about the fascinating Victorians who took Guernsey into a new era.

Time Travellers Tales General Information

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