Tortuous Tour Of Town

Your guide is ready to take you on another twilight tour, recounting tales of horror, hauntings and history within the old medieval town of St Peter Port.

Swashbuckling seafaring tales of salty sea-dogs, unscrupulous profit making privateers, and gruesome grisly tales from the gallows, are just some of the new stories to unfold before your very eyes.

Understand more about the medieval  art of “mulling” and the highly lucrative wine trade, when local merchants intrinsically linked Smuggling, Privateering and Legalised Trade together, turning them into millionaires virtually overnight!

The Black Death or Bubonic Plague of the 14th century, carried by rats as they scurried through the steep venelles linking the port with the merchant’s houses, wiped out half of Guernsey’s population.  The swiftness of the disease, the terrible pain, and the grotesque appearance of the victims, all served to make the plague especially terrifying. The victims’ final hours were far from pleasant.

You will witness the barbaric final minutes of the last person to be hanged in the capital, and get involved with the extraordinary duel of 1780, whilst visiting sites of haunted houses and frequently seen spirits in the dimly lit alleyways.

The whole evening finishes with an excellent feast at a nearby restaurant, when tales can be told, and stories swapped, late into the night.

Tortuous Tour General Information

This tour runs from late September to early March, weekdays only depending upon availability.

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